What is a “Highly Effective International Educator?”

The following opinions were originally published on the Know.Do.Serve.Learn weblog and reading them really got me wondering. What does make a highly effective international educator? In theory I can grasp ideologies pertaining to effective teaching, however, in my experiences effective educators in their home countries do not always make effective international educators.

So, what makes a highly effective international educator? Please read the following thoughts, and include your own as a comment!


“Highly effective international educators are global citizens and global thinkers themselves. They don’t see borders, only opportunities for growth, learning and exchange. By nature, they are experimental, adventurous and risk-takers and the spill over into the classroom setting makes for inspiring teaching and learning opportunities. International educators have a knack for bringing the world to the classroom, and making every learning situation relevant and worthwhile. They bring diversity and perspective to their individual classroom, their school and community at large.”


“Highly Effective International Educators…need to be Highly Effective (and open-minded) International Learners.”


“We need to be learners of the cultures we move into, learners of the internationalism of our students…and fellow staff members, we need to be learners of new processes, governments, curriculums, situations…  Education is learning and not just for students.”


“I have taught in Cairo and Beirut and I believe that Highly Effective International Educators are highly effective educators period.  If you are effective, then you can be effective anywhere!  I think what’s important is not just being culturally sensitive, but culturally relevant as well and use the resources that are available to you in your host country!”


Are you a highly effective international educator or know of someone? What are your thoughts on what it means to be a highly effective international educator?

via Highly Effective International Educators « Know.Do.Serve.Learn Weblog.


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- John Maxwell

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