Hong Kong International Students Versus Local Students

Interesting international school student perspective. All too often we only hear from teachers and other faculty.

Digital Creativity & Expression Spring 2013

I lived in Hong Kong from sixth grade to senior year of high school. I never really knew what an international school was until I moved there. The school was like a mini version of NYC, it was extremely diverse and it felt like home inside but once I stepped outside the school everything was just so confusing. Two different cultures; foreign and Chinese were solely separated by a thin school wall. Living in a foreign country definitely wasn’t easy.

International schools are schools that promote international education (such as AP and IB systems) and do not follow the same education system as the city they’re in. All the different education systems they follow are accredited worldwide. The student bodies normally consists of students from 100-160 different countries.

The school I attended in Hong Kong was the American International School, it is one of the fifty-two international schools…

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