Feedback for Effective Thinking | Nanjing International School

20th -22nd September 2013 Nanjing International School

Keynote Speaker: Dylan Wiliam

In 1998 Dylan Wiliam along with Paul Black authored the highly influential ‘Inside the Black box’: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment. Since then Dylan has worked with educators around the world in developing research based formative assessment strategies. Dylan Wiliam’s latest book, Embedded Formative Assessment offers 50 practical techniques for classroom formative assessment.


Keynote Speaker: Ron Ritchhart

Ron Ritchhart, Senior researcher at Harvard Project Zero. Ron currently directs the worldwide Cultures of Thinking Project aimed at supporting teachers in the creation of classrooms where thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted.



Keynote Speaker: Judy Willis

Judy Willis, a board-certified neurologist in Santa Barbara, California, has combined her 15 years as a practicing adult and child neurologist with her teacher education training and years of classroom experience. Judy travels nationally and internationally giving presentations, workshops, and consulting while continuing to write books for parents and educators. She is an authority in the field of learning-centered brain research and classroom strategies derived from this research.

Key Ideas 

  1. The purpose of education is to develop individuals who can effectively think with what they know.
  2. Feedback plays a central role in developing effective thinkers.
  3. Learners think most effectively when they understand their own learning process.
  4. Effective feedback helps learners to be active participants in their own learning process


  1. Participants will deepen their understanding of the central role that feedback plays in developing effective thinking in learners.
  2. Participants will deepen their understanding of how effective thinking leads to effective learning
  3. Participants will develop their skills in using feedback to effectively promote thinking.

Success Criteria

  1. To provide participants with the knowledge and skills to improve thinking in their own schools.
  2. To develop a sustainable network of supportive professionals to share practice.
  3. To inspire future conferences in the field.

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