Eight NEW Global Collaborative ideas to Flatten Your Learning! – Flat Connections

all-hands-on-deck-in-a-circleCelebrations and sharing well considered ideas for future collaborations have been part of the  exciting culmination to the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher Cohort 13-2 this past week.

This professional learning course started 3 months ago, and together we have journeyed through the \’7 Steps to Flatten your Classroom\’ into \’Global Project Design and Management\’. Cohort members came from Australia, USA, Vietnam, Singapore, USA and New Zealand. We met most weeks for a synchronous meeting (you can appreciate the time zone challenges!) and connected asynchronously through our wiki portal and through the Flat Connections teacher community (which is open for anyone to come and join!)

What is significant about this course and this cohort is the diversity of teaching positions and experience and individual place on the global collaborative learning pathway, however as a community of learners we have thrived – learning with and from each other at each turn of the road.

Let me briefly introduce and describe each teacher and each project.

Please follow the link below to continue reading this great article!

Eight NEW Global Collaborative ideas to Flatten Your Learning! – Flat Connections.


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- John Maxwell

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