Today’s Language Learning: More Than Ink

CC Licensed Credit Flickr user CollegeDegrees 360

CC Licensed Credit Flickr user CollegeDegrees 360

Literacy today is more than reading and writing.

Reading today is more than print.

Writing today is more than ink.

To engage my second language learners, I developed a blended learning unit on picture books that utilised both traditional and new literacies, and both analogue and digital tools. The whole unit was delivered via Edmodo and Google Sites.

I booked out a selection of picture books from the library, including classics such as ‘The Giving Tree’ and ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. We began with traditional literacy in the form of analytical skills, such as examining sentence structure, and identifying language patterns such as rhythm, rhyme, repetition, and onomatopoeia. We explored characterisation, and developed visual literacy by analysing how the images enhanced and helped the text. We also looked at the cover, the style of illustration, the page turners, the main conflict and the theme. Throughout the unit, learners learned new vocabulary through Quizlet, where I added new terms as the unit progressed.

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Today’s Language Learning: More Than Ink.



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