International schools: Do we want to put our kids in a bubble ?

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My son is not even one year old yet, so technically I still have plenty of time to think about his educational path. Yet I am worried and concerned about what I should do.  For a child with multicultural roots like mine, is it really the best decision to enroll him into an international school?

I am worried because we do not fit in one single box. We are not expats, we are not locals, we are not bi-cultural or just mobile. We have four cultures, as many languages, and we are settled in Japan for good.

I hear people talking about “a bubble” when they mention about international schools. What is this bubble?  Is it good at all for our children ?

I have been researching for quite some time on this subject now, and there is nothing better than discussing it with adults who have been to international schools and experienced first handily on how international schools environment and system have impacted their life. With their maturity, experience and logical reasoning, the answers that my friends and a few acquaintances gave me were enlightening and extremely useful, especially for a confused young parent like myself.

Here are the conclusions that I have come to.

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International schools: Do we want to put our kids in a bubble ?

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