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LONDON — It was not the most relaxed of cocktail parties. Teachers and administrators — who had been running down corridors and stressing out in elevators between job interviews in recruiters’ hotel rooms — were sipping pints of beer and glasses of wine, scanning the room nervously.

As recruiters from international schools lined up at the cash bar at a Hilton, their perspective future employees watched for any signals that they might have landed jobs.

This is one of the last international school job fairs to be held this spring by Search Associates, an education recruitment company, meaning that for some teachers and administrators, this was the last chance to get hired for the autumn.

Fifty schools were at the fair, as were hundreds of teachers who had flown in from places including Kenya, Texas and Singapore.

It was an intensive two days, said Frida Jodin, a history teacher from Sweden who was interviewing for jobs in Portugal, Bangladesh and Germany. “This is my second fair,” she said. “Unlike in an office or a conference room, your interview takes place in someone’s hotel room. You knock on the door, their suitcases are on the bed. I find it an odd process.”

In countries like Canada and Scotland, there are more trained teachers than job openings, so there is a natural movement toward growing markets overseas. In cities like Chicago, where there have been large-scale teacher layoffs, mid-career educators are scrambling to get hired.

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Teachers Vie for Overseas Postings – NYTimes.com.

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