Designing an Effective In-School Suspension Program

Perhaps more frequently than ever before, administrators choose an in-school suspension over the out-of-school alternative. There are many reasons for this choice, but perhaps the most obvious is the academic advantage of keeping a student within a supportive learning environment. When a student is removed completely from the school a wonderful learning opportunity is potentially lost. […]

What is the Purpose of a “Grade”?

This post stems from much thought I have been giving to the climate of assessment that seems to be present within each school for which I have worked, and most likely at a fair number of schools across the globe for which I have not. It seems as though the professionals at these schools have […]

Embracing Failure: The Fifth Pillar of the NHS

Last night I had the privilege of watching 10 students of Brent International School become ceremoniously inducted into the National Honours Society. It’s wonderful to witness some of the brightest high school students we have being recognised for their tremendous efforts and dedication to the school over the years. As the students were being introduced their lengthy list […]

A Repair Kit for Grading? Looking to Ken O’Connor for Inspiration

Each and every year my school takes it upon itself to focus on one particular concept that will make the school a better place for students. For example, last year our focus was on implementing the “Tuning Protocol” to make our units of instruction better. This year we have decided to focus on assessment. As […]

The Many Faces of Leadership

This first couple weeks of school I have really wanted to be as visible as possible, to both students and faculty. This means not only am I present during all student passing times and lunch periods, I’m also trying to pop into as many classes as possible. Doing this helps me understand interactions between all […]

From Knowing to Showing: 9 Musts for an Assistant Principal

Today I will embark on a great journey. A journey that will undoubtably be riddled with turmoil and danger lurking around every corner. One that will put me face to face with fears I have yet to realise, and help me to discover the depth of my inner strength. There will be anxious moments, joyous moments, moments […]

The view from above: Can you name these countries using only satellite photos?

23 maps and charts on language – Vox

“The limits of my language,” the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once posited, “mean the limits of my world.” Explaining everything within the limits of the world is probably too ambitious a goal for a list like this. But here are 23 maps and charts that can hopefully illuminate small aspects of how we manage to communicate […]

Teachers: 10 Tips for Slowing Down | Edutopia

Since my last Edutopia blog post, How Slowing Down Can Lead to Great Change was published, I’ve received dozens of messages asking for suggestions for how to slow things down in schools. The premise behind the following suggestions is that if we slow down, we’ll have more opportunities for reflection — to think about what we’ve done […]

4 Steps for Getting Started with Student Digital Portfolios

Not sure how to get started with ePortfolios for your students? Here’s what you need to know. Even before the concept of student portfolios was formalized, teachers collected and shared student work. They used writing folders during conferences or displayed science projects for open house. As the digital era has taken hold, portfolios have become […]


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

- John Maxwell