Teachers: 10 Tips for Slowing Down | Edutopia

Since my last Edutopia blog post, How Slowing Down Can Lead to Great Change was published, I’ve received dozens of messages asking for suggestions for how to slow things down in schools. The premise behind the following suggestions is that if we slow down, we’ll have more opportunities for reflection — to think about what we’ve done […]

The Evaluation of My Dreams

Carol Ann Tomlinson In the education job that exists always in my dreams—and sometimes in my reality—here’s what I’d encounter in terms of evaluation. My ideal evaluator would care deeply about the work I do and would have a vision for how that work, done artfully, contributes to the betterment of people. He or she […]

Why Reading Aloud to Older Children Is Valuable

By Holly Korbey Educator and author Jessica Lahey reads Shakespeare and Dickens aloud to her seventh- and eighth-graders, complete with all the voices. Her students love being read to, and sometimes get so carried away with the story, she allows them to lie on the floor and close their eyes just to listen and enjoy it. Lahey reads […]

Cultivating Young Readers – Education News

Without fundamental reading skills, completing even the most basic of daily life tasks can become a daunting and humiliating experience. Though illiteracy rates have plummeted over the last century — from 20% of the U.S. population in 1870 to less than 1% by the 1980s — poor reading and writing skills continue to plague educators and students, […]

Four Steps to Failing Better

Written by: Paul Needham, Instructional Coach and Professional Learning Specialist Every teacher, whether they’re fresh out of TE’s Induction, or a 16-year veteran makes mistakes that impact the environment in their classroom. The trick that successful teachers have learned is how best to learn from these mistakes. In other words, successful educators don’t necessarily fail […]

It’s never too late to begin flipping your classroom

by Stacey Roshan and Wendy Roshan, Special to CNN Editor’s note: Stacey Roshan is the daughter of Wendy Roshan. Stacey is a math teacher at the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland. Wendy is a math teacher at the Madeira School in McLean, Virginia. Stacey: Soon after graduating from college, I decided to follow in my mother’s career path and become a high school math teacher. […]

6 powerful strategies for paradigm-shifting teacher PD | Connected Principals

As educators and leaders, we need to re-think every aspect of our professional practice to consider ‘could we be doing this better?’ Here is a brain-dump of the 6 most powerful strategies that I have used or in which I have participated. 1. Use a ‘hands-on’ approach that teaches team work I want the teachers […]

best practice

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The 6 Characteristics of A Successful Educator

The following was written by Mohamed ( Med ) Kharbach . He is the founder and author of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, a passionate educator committed to developing his classroom practice and sharing experiences with educators across the world, and is currently living in Halifax, Canada.  Jessica Hagy, a contributor in Forbes, has made an excellent account of the […]

Voice in the Classroom

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Written by Laura Washington, TE Instructional Coach http://drbl.in/bBCh There is an elephant in the room that many of us do not think about on a daily basis but is extremely important in the world of teaching and education. That is the importance of your VOICE. As educators, our…


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

- John Maxwell