International school enrolment on pace to reach $60 billion by 2022 – ICEF Monitor – Market intelligence for international student recruitment

As the international schools market continues its expansion, ICEF Monitor reviews some riveting statistics as well as the growth drivers behind the trend. International school enrolment by the numbers Researchers Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson noted in their authoritative 2008 paper “International Schools: Growth and Influence” that it is difficult to know how many international […]

Education International – Ukraine: A hotline for students and teachers from the Crimea

The Ukrainian education ministry has established a hotline for teachers and students from the Crimea who may find themselves Russian citizens after the referendum on 16 March. “We get a lot of calls from young people who are very worried about their future”, a deputy education minister told an Education International delegation visiting Kiev on […]

A Principal’s Reflections: Communicating in the Information Age

In case you didn’t know we had quite a bit of snow last night in the Northeast. As I was outside in the bone-chilling cold shoveling piles of snow I began to reflect upon how my professional practice has changed in a few short years when it comes to snow days.  Typically in the past […]

7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2014 –

Technology trends in both higher ed and K-12 classrooms continue to evolve and transform traditional learning environments. New learning analytics, mobile devices, open online learning, and 3D printers are some of the many Educational technology trends to be on the lookout for in 2014.  Here’s a detailed discussion. 1) 3D Printing 3D Printers which enable […]

The Path to Digital Citizenship | Edutopia

  I’ve written and taught about digital citizenship for several years. And, while the term is new in our lexicon, the meaning spans generations. The simple acts of carrying oneself in a civil, appropriate manner are skillsets that have been integrated into every classroom since the very first school. Many would argue that digital citizenship […]

Should principals stop visiting classrooms?

Principals are  above all supposed to be “instructional leaders” but exactly what that means — or how to be effective in that role —  isn’t entirely clear. Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham looks at the research on what makes for an effective instructional leader in the post below. Willingham is a professor and director of graduate […]

The Impact Of Technology On Curiosity

Curiosity is the “complex feeling and cognition that accompanies a desire to learn what is unknown,” according to Min Jeong Kang and fellow researchers in a 2009 study. Neurological research here focused on, among other areas, the difference in neural activity when answers are presented, and when questions are presented for both high-curiosity and low-curiosity […]

A Letter to the Grandparents of My Third Culture Kids | Djibouti Jones

I remember telling you we were pregnant. We had spaghetti because that’s what you served your parents when you announced each pregnancy. I requested it, but you cooked it because I already felt sick. And so, almost before I told you, you knew. I remember telling you we were pregnant with twins. You knew I […]

Discomfort Shmomfort — Allegra Stein

Last week, I had just finished doing the dishes and clearing the kitchen from dinner. My husband, home from work, was relaxing and watching Planet Earth. Our house was quiet, dusk was falling, and it was a satisfying end to the day. At that moment, I pulled out my iPhone and googled expat boredom. (I guess that\’s what […]

5 Apps for Learning and Media Creation for Elementary Students in the Inclusive Classroom |

In the inclusive UDL classroom, accommodations are made to allow students multiple ways to share what they know and how they feel. When using iPads with students, consider apps which allow students opportunities to create media which demonstrates understanding and lets them show what they know and how they feel. This is a very engaging, challenging, and […]


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

- John Maxwell