Welcome to International Educator Chat #IntEdchat!

International Educator Chat and the hashtag #IntEdchat on Twitter was founded on May 22nd 2013 by me, Brett Petrillo @BrettPetrillo.

The chat was created to provide weekly collaboration, and focus on the unique needs of international educators across the globe.

I’m hopeful that international educators will choose to collaborate during #IntEdchat by sharing ideas and resources with others as well as concerns they may have while they travel the world as international school teachers and administrators.

Experienced international educators are encouraged to take part in the chat to support and mentor individuals new to the international school environment.

Here’s some important International Educator Chat info:

  • The chat is on Twitter from 6pm-7pm Beijing time, Bi-weekly beginning on Wednesday May 29, 2013.
  • Use World Time Buddy to join us in your time zone!
  • Use the #IntEdchat hashtag to join the conversation and post your thoughts throughout the week on Twitter.
  • Help me spread the word and share these links with your friends!

Co-Moderators for International Educator Chat

International Education Chat #IntEdchat has been fortunate to gather a team of  Co-Moderators who will work with the second edition of the chat, beginning Wednesday June 5th 2013, at 6:00 PM Central European Time (CET) .

The #InEdchat schedule

First Chat –> Wednesdays, at 6pm CST (Chinese Standard Time)

Second Chat –> Wednesdays, at 6pm CET (Central European Time)

Check out World Time Buddy to join us in your time zone!

Archives of #IntEdchat

Archives will be created using Storify, and the links will be posted here in The International Educator Blog.

Join #IntEdchat on Twitter

Help us make #IntEdchat a growing presence on Twitter by sharing information about our purpose with your colleagues.
Spread the word via your school settings and places of higher education as well.

How do I participate in #IntEdchat

You need to create a Twitter account and begin to practice and participate on Twitter.

  1. Use TweetGrid or TweetChat (online), Tweetdeck (download & install), or Tweetie for Mac (download & install) to set up 2 or 3 columns” a search for #ntchat, a search for @yourname (for direct mentions to you) and a third to keep following your friends.
  2. Join us on Twitter at the specific time, and be sure to keep an eye on the #IntEdchat search column.
  3. Interact by including the hashtag #IntEdchat in your tweets.
I’m excited for what the future will bring for International Educator Chat as we reach out to educators from around the world!

Join me as I seek to support you, the international educator, in your journey!


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